Sunday, May 30, 2004

end of the world, etc.

after a viewing of "the day after tomorrow" i was in deep thought. could the world end like this? well, the simple solution is NOPE. no it cannot. why, you ask. well simple. all these so called brainiac scientist are saying we are over using the natural resources, polluting too much, cutting down all the trees, etc. sounds like we are in a tough spot eh. my theory of how we are going to avoid this is as follows(first, a short history lesson). way back in the 1930s and 1940s there was this war. in fact, it was a pretty darn big war if you ask me. pretty much all the people of the world ages 18-24 were in it. when the war was over and they settled back home in the late 1940s they all started families. this was known as the baby boom. well now it's the 2000s, earth is going down etc. those baby boomers are now in there late 50s and either have retired or are planning to do so soon. well, what's every retired persons favorite thing to do? GARDEN!!! just think of all the new planet saving shrubs that are about to be unleashed on the evil CO and CO2 gases. DIE MOTHER *&@! In conclusion nukes will probably save us in the end.


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