Tuesday, May 25, 2004

mavs offseason

almost everyone i've come in contact with knows i'm a dallas mavericks fan (they play basketball), i mean, what not to love? the high scoring, hair flying, mid west gunners we've all come to enjoy watching (yes you have!). but alas, my high hopes of this season were shattered by the terrorist Vlade and his cronies Mini Me, that puppy eyed failure, and that pussy whipped swash buckler. so here are my offseason plans to bring the mavs to the glory days of 60+ wins.
1. Re-sign Nash and Daniels
2. Fire the coach
3. Trade Walker
4. After Kobe goes to jail Cuban pays the government around a billion dollars to release him (of course they will use some random cop as a scape goat and blame sloppy police work or some bs like that to get him out)
5. Get Jordan to un-retire and join the mavs line up
6. Also get Bird, Magic, and Barkley
7. Kill Tariq Abdul-Wahab (to create room for them)
8. Make Shawn Bradley taller
9. Trade for every pick in the 2004-2010 drafts, all of them
10. Just Kidding! (only about Barkley)


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