Thursday, May 27, 2004

what a day

so yeah, isn't it. i mean i wake up at 8:30 cause i'm like a cool kid and all, infact i'm so cool i went to school. then they are all like "what up punk" which i'm down with. before i know it red rooster told me you best be headin to section A, so i'm like yeah i'll catch you on the flip side. then they are like "punk, section A is on the right". ok. i can dig it. row 2, ztgh. then seat 15. sit dar 'bout 2 hours. now i'm done with all the school crap seniors have to go do. other then that graduation stuff. anyhow, 13-11 later that night aint bad. and then i topped it off with a pepsi. INCOMPREHENSIBILITIES it might just be. then my dog licked my shoe. the END. you're the man...NOW
oh i also got an 85 on that POS english paper (see last blog). dog...


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