Wednesday, May 26, 2004

who gets the last laugh?

was it worth it? i mean, really. all you studiers out there, that study atleast 2-3 hours a night and get 9 hours of sleep. guess what, i don't study (atleast up to my senior year in high school). i'm still going to graduate, i'm still in the top 1/3 of my class, i'm still going to the college of my choice. so, lets break this biatch down, on an average day i'd say i have about 5 extra hours in the day because i don't sleep and don't study. now, i'm going to use my SELF TAUGHT math skills to break this down for you studiers. i'm not sure on the exact number but lets say half the days of a year are school days. 365/2. i'll round up. 183. ok. now lets times that by the average amount of hours more in a day i have than a studier. 5*183. 915 hours. now. i've been in school for 12 years, so lets times that by 12. 10980 hours of my life, lets break that down. divide it by 24...457.5 days. OR 1.253 years. of course to a studier that gets 9 hours of sleep, a day is only 24-9=15 hours long, so you can pretty much times that by 2. thus i've come to the conclusion that i am now 20 years old. you slackers...


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